Echo sounding of shallow-water and in hard-to-reach areas from small-size vessels

Echosounding measurement map at the site of the riverbed downstream of the Plavinas HPP dam drying at site place of the designed water dropping sump

Echosounding performed during a stop of a Plavinas hydroelectric power plant and simultaneous drawdown of the reservoir bottom along the below located cascade hydropower plant, for channel downstream of the dam drying for water level lowering up to 2.8 m. Echosounding was performed with a rubber boat across the network arbitrarily assigned profiles during the gradual decline in level and with bypass of sites of the extreme shallow water with depth less than 0.5 m. The drained island coastline contour was determined by pedestrian route with GPS reference with an absolute elevation of water level +30,6 m.

Map of the echo-sounder measurement of the oil terminal of the seaport

Map of bottom topography of backwater area is obtained according echosounding measurements with the port boats with a draught of 1 m. Work done to assess the deformation of the seabed for the year after the great scale backwater dredging.