Direct current soundings to determine the electrical resistance of soils

Methods of electric sounding (micro-VES) with constant and low-frequency alternating current using provide information on the distribution of soil resistance, which is strongly dependent on their lithology and water saturation. The results of the soundings are used to assess the lithological composition, to determine the optimal depth of the grounding anodes and to determine the degree of soil contamination with petroleum products.

Determination of electrical resistance at different depths for the grounding devices

Maps of soils electrical resistivity distribution at different depths are used to select the optimal location of high-current grounding of large industrial facilities.

Resistance of soils estimation by method of electrical tomography

The results of electrotomography profiling are used in a joint geophysical surveys to assess the lithology of the soil massif, to identify zones of increased water content and filtration of groundwater, to determine the degree of pollution by oil products and harmful chemical compounds.