LMS-337C DF echo sounder

LMS-337C – compact dual frequency echo sounder with a color LCD screen for installation on small boats. Used as a navigation aid for operational control of the depth and sounding works in conditions of shallow and coastal sites. The screen displays in graphical form the bottom topography and samples of the depths and of the plane coordinates obtained from a GPS receiver.
Transducer HS-50/200-DX
Instantaneous power
2400 watts at a frequency of 200 kHz
3000 W at a frequency of 50 kHz
Average (distributed) power of 375 W

Brief technical specifications of LMS-337C:

  • • measuring range-0.75 m-762 m;
    • digital data recording;
    • built-in water temperature sensor;
    • frequency range-50 kHz, 200 kHz or both simultaneously;
    • peak power 3000W;
    • average (distributed) output power of 375 W;
    • supply voltage 10-15 VDC;
    • supply current 600 mA, 700 mA with GPS;
    • input / output interface protocol NMEA-2000, NMEA 0183;
    • update period of 1 sec;
    • amount of graphic images recording of the scan on a flash card up to 1GB;
    • dimensions 13.8 x 17.6 x 8.6 cm;
    • 5” (12.7 cm) color screen, 480×480 pixels resolution;
    • image zoom in x2 or x4 selectable from the menu;
    • six depth ranges selectable from the menu;
    • HS-50/200-DX two-frequency transducer
    • width of the directional characteristic (at -3 dB) 35° (50 kHz), 12° (200 kHz);
    • GPS-12-channel receiver LGC-2000 with external antenna;
    • differential corrections receiving from the geostationary satellite for WAAS;
    • operating temperature range -10°C- + 55°C.

The LGC-2000 sounder GPS antenna with built-in differential correction receiver from satellite service system WAAS and a navigation panel with a display of signal amplitude from active satellites