Bottom interior of future flotation waste repository metallurgical integrated plant Choclon II of Show Gang enterprise (Marcona, department Ica, Peru)

Seismic profile in the intermountain valley – at the site of the projected of flotation waste
sedimentation tank

The task of the work was to identify possible tectonic faults in the Quaternary soils at a depth of up to 50 m, through which toxic waste of ore flotation enrichment can leak into the ocean.

Seismogram of refracted and surface waves obtained by the explosion of an ammonite charge weighing 3 kg at a geophone arrangement of 360 m length

Geophones were installed on a thick layer of loose sands, representing a medium with a strong attenuation of elastic wave energy. Records from 800 to 1600 ms, obtained with a sample rate of 400 and 800 mcs at a step of receiving channels 5 m, were used for calculation of longitudinal and transverse wave velocity sections.