Suffosion channels at the soil foundation of the cargo berth according to GPR data

GPR sounding with high-frequency shielded antennas (900 MHz, 1.5 GHz) on a dense network of profiles makes it possible to identify the suffosion channels in the surface layer of the sandy bases of the quays. Channels and decompacted areas of suffosion removals are mapped as areas of increased amplitudes of reflections from the lower boundaries of the depressions or voids under a rigid berth coating.

Zone of increased filtration and decompaction of rocks under the Foundation of an ancient Church

Deeper areas of of suffosion processes evolution in the foundation of the structures can be identified by seismic method of non longitudinal VSP and crosshole seismic. An example is the identification of a vast zone of reduced longitudinal wave velocities in the thickness of halogen-carbonate rocks at a depth of 15-20 m under the subsidence of the ancient Church. Identified according not longitudinal VSP low-velocity anomalies associated with the processes of leaching in the high filtration velocity zone of underground waters.