Subbottom profiling from small size vessels

Subbottom profiling sections in depth scale in a series of profiles across the fairway of the port of Salacgriva (Latvia)

The works were performed to determine the volume of excavation at the bottom of the channel. The piezoceramic emitter with an operating frequency of 8 kHz is used as a source of pulses

Subbottom section in depth scale on the profile in South backwater of the Ventspils port oil terminal

Work is performed with the aim of evaluating the physical properties of bottom soils and the categorization of their excavation during the dredging operations. As the pulses source the high-frequency electric-spark emitter “sparker” used with discharge energy 90 J.

Map of seabed reflectivity in the central part of the oil terminal of Ventspils port

The map is based on the analysis of bottom reflection amplitudes to estimate the density of bottom soils.