Subbottom profiling equipment

Current pulse generator and an electrodynamic emitter “Boomer”

Current pulse generator: The radiation energy up to 150 J provides a charge accumulation of up to 2.2 kV with a frequency of up to 2 times per second. Current pulse generator power supply – single-phase gasoline generator Honda EU-20i with a capacity of 1.8 kW. Supply voltage 220 V10%, frequency 50 Hz.
The source of elastic waves: – “boomer”- electrodynamic, the dominant frequency is 4000 Hz.

Piezo-hydrophone probe

Receiving piezo-hydrophone single-channel unit consists of an oil-filled polyvinyl container of hydroacoustic piezoceramic pressure sensors inverting acoustic signals into an electrical current. Piezoelectric sensor connection is linear, group series-parallel.
The number of hydrophones – 8 on the basis of 0.70 m, sensitivity of 300 mV/Pa, the sensitivity distribution is rectangular.
Piezo-hydrophone multi-channel probe consists of 16 oil-filled vinyl container with two connected in parallel, piezoelectricall sensors PDS-21. The device connects to the recorder IS128.03 using the multi-channel communication lines. Along with seismoacoustic profiling piezo-hydrophone device is used for registration of signals in crosshole seismic and acoustic investigations.