Subbottom profiling

Research in the waters by the method of seismoacoustic subbottom profiling allows to display the relief of the reservoir bottom, to determine the thickness of bottom sediments layer and the structure of subbottom layer of soil.
The works are performed using acoustic pulse sources of various types, energy and frequency. The most low-frequency electro-spark and electro-dynamic sources allow to display the configuration of layer boundaries and the presence of local inhomogeneities in the bottom soils

Side-scan sonar survey

The sonograms of the bottom obtained by side-scan sonar surveying display the bottom microrelief features of the reservoir, types of bottom soils, rock outcrops on the bottom, presence of bottom local objects of anthropogenic origin.
In some cases, according to sonograms, it is possible to identify places of water infiltration in the bottom soil thickness, gas and groundwater influx to the bottom, the direction and intensity of bottom currents on the bottom ripples orientation.

High resolution subbottom profiling

High-resolution seismoacoustic sections obtained with piezo-ceramic and magnetostriction emitters reflect the structure and thickness of bottom sediments layer – silts and sand.
Procedure dynamic signal processing allows to estimate under a layer of bottom sediment variability in the physical properties of more dense subbottom soils and bedrock, to identify the place of possible water filtration channels.